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Information on the use of cookies by Alveis

By using the www.alveis.it website, you agree that Alveis may set cookies on your device, as indicated in this document and in the Privacy Policy.

What are cookies?

Cookies are information contained in small text files stored in the Internet browser or on the user’s hard disk. Cookies allow us to identify the user’s device every time they access the site, ensuring a more efficient operation of the site, enriching the visit experience and providing information to site owners.

Use of cookies by Alveis

Alveis uses cookies to collect information when accessing an Alveis website that allows us to distinguish users, compile aggregate statistics on the use of the site, improve the site, enrich and personalize the user’s visit experience.

Main cookies used by Alveis

The following list lists the cookies used most frequently by Alveis in their websites, with a description of their use. Alveis can modify and update used cookies and in this case will update the list.

Technical cookies – Technical cookies are the only cookies used by this site to make your browsing enjoyable. Instead, profiling cookies are not used.

pll_language Tecnichal permanent This cookie stores information about the selected language to explore the website. It is a permanent technical cookie.
cookie_notice_accepted Function 1 year This cookie is used to remember the choice made by the user who accepts or not the use of cookies on this site.
How to disable cookies via the browser

To deactivate, remove or block cookies via the browser, you can use the browser settings.