CLIMATE, always considering local and annual variability, generally in this month there is a gradual increase in temperatures and vegetative plant growth, and as a consequence, the resumption of the activity in the apiary recovery.

BLOOMS, they are those of the previous month, among which we count the first precocious Citrus, Laurel, the first Oaks, the first Poplars, Veronica and Viburnum.

AVAILABILITY OF WATER, this is perhaps the best time to help the bees to get used to using the troughs that we provide otherwise, at critical periods, in the absence of nearby natural sources, it will be forced to longer travels to find water. Bees prefer still water, with a light content of salts and they can suck without danger of drowning! (Ex. POROUS ABSORBENT MATERIALS)

  • SEARCH of orphanhood, through a careful observation of the flight running board, the reading of the pull-out drawer and, if the temperature is suitable, the rapid inspection of the boxes of the bees in the nest, to find fresh brood
  • ANTI VARROA, if for some reason of force majeure were not completed at the turn of the interventions, between late November and early December, then we must intervene with a treatment of sublimated API BIOXAL. In any case, keep a close eye on the treated families during the season.
  • REMOVE THE HIVES FROM THE EMPTY APIARY OF DEATH FAMILIES, trying to find out the reason of the death.
  • CONTINUE WITH FEEDING, to second families in their development, in this month the consumption of food of families increases, if compared to the month of January, passing to 2.5 or 3 kg of honey for families in wooden hives, while for nuclei or for families living in polystyrene hives it remains stable at 1.4 kg a month.
  • TRY TO KEEP THE BESS IN CONFINED SPACES, especially in North-Central Italy, even if it may seem merciless.
  • PREPARE THE APIARY MATERIAL, start now to prepare the material in stock for the coming season.


APICANDY and SUPER BEE, to continue with nutritional supplementation, while API BIOXAL to finish to treat those families who have not received the full winter treatment. In Southern Italy, do not forget to start most of the bees for the coming producing season ,a treatment once a week for 3 weeks with API HERB, to restore intestinal balance after the long wintering. Prevention is better than cure! Our goal is healthy bees!
While in North-Central Italy you can use API HERB, especially to reinvigorate families belatedly treated with API BIOXAL, to increase their force when we see the steady increase in external flights.
Again southern Italy, if it were needed, and the temperatures were appropriate, you can begin a treatment with API LIFE VAR, on nuclei and families we do not use for the first harvest or for other activities, such as pollination.


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