Super Bee

Liquid substitute of polen
SUPERBEE is a liquid feed supplement, consisting of a complete mixture of amino acids and vitamins.

SUPERBEE guarantees the fundamental proteins and vitamins for the development of the family, especially in cases of low import of pollen, or pollen with low content of proteins. A fair and balanced protein and vitamin intake is essential for the bee development and the immune system.


High palatability of liquid formulation

  • It contains all the essential amino acids and vitamins to the Bee Development
  • Easily miscible, therefore to be used with any type of glucose syrup
  • protein components and vitamin GMO FREE


  • Stimulator for the development of the family observed in spring and before the first flowering.
  • Stimulator of the deposition of the queen
  • Substitute of pollen in times of scarce harvest
  • Late summer / early autumn to ensure a protein and vitamin requirements of the reserve during the winter and to lengthen the period of rearing the brood
  • Ideal for the preparation of the swarms, bee parcels and fertilization nuclei and for the breeding of queens.


10 ml of SUPERBEE in 1 L of sugary syrup