Dear Beekeepers and Dear

Beekeepers With this new calendar of beekeeping jobs, easy to consult, Chemicals Laif Spa through its “Alveis” division, wants to continue to be at your side in the best way, as it has done for over 30 years: advising in a targeted and effective way on the basis of to your production needs and geographical location, the use of our products to keep your families of bees healthy and strong.


Every month will be divided in 4 parts:

ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS, on which we cannot intervene directly but which strongly characterize the progress of beekeeping, perhaps more than others and towards which the beekeeper must confront. Short excursus on the typical climate of the month and the flowering calendar.

APIARIO PECULIAR FACTORS, series of characteristic conditions that may have an influence on the trend of beekeeping activity in that month and which can be modulated by the beekeeper.

WORK IN APIARY, series of technical operations that we can implement in the month in question to evaluate and then restart, maintain and increase the most suitable conditions for the management of the apiary according to our production needs and the ethological needs of bees.

RECOMMENDED ALVEIS PRODUCT, which to choose and how to integrate it according to your production needs and the ethological needs of bees.