Oxybee is a veterinary medicine based on oxalic acid with essential oils and glycerol

Oxybee is an innovative and biological anti-varroa treatment based on oxalic acid with glycerol and essential oils.
The glycerol formulation is an advantage as it significantly improves the distribution of the product in the hive. As a result, the data in the field have shown an efficacy greater than 98%.

1 liter pack

  • Glycerol extend the life of the solution with oxalic acid, therefore its distribution in the hive;
  • Oxybee is the first oxalic acid based product with glycerol and essential oils available in Italy;
  • Average efficacy > 98%;
  • Authorized product for organic beekeeping.
  • During the period with no brood;
  • One treatment per beehive or to generate bees;
  • Use in the absence of melarium;
  • Use with hives with vertical frames accessible from above.

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