Apicandy Proteico

APICANDY Proteico is a pure carefully formulated fondant bee feed made from a blend of non-genetically modified Sugars (beet) and protein sourced from inactivated brewers yeast.

APICANDY Proteico is made from 100% non-animal sourced products.

APICANDY Proteico is palatable and easily digested by bees with protein to stimulate egg laying.

APICANDY Proteico stays soft and homogenous even at low temperatures.


1kg bag – 12 bags carton

  • As Autumn and Winter feed;
  • To stimulate early production in Spring;
  • To supplement feeding during bad weather and breaks in natural food availability;
  • To Boost nuclei and strengthen new colonies.
  • Contains non animal based protein;
  • Produced from selected white refined beet non-GM sugars;
  • Free from all starches;
  • Free from chemical additives and bleaches;
  • Ideal all year round nutrition;
  • High palatability;
  • Remains soft for easy feeding over time and low temperatures;
  • Practical 1Kg pack.

APICANDY Proteico can be fed in a variety of methods including:

  • Laid above a crown board feeder hole with a slit made on the side of the pouch;
  • Emptied into an alternative feeder;
  • Placed directly onto the brood frames.

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