Apiherb feed for beekeeping sachets

ApiHerb is a complementary bee feed based on officinal herbs and B vitamins, formulated to keep the digestive system of adult bees efficient.

ApiHerb, thanks to the officinal properties of its herbs (garlic and cinnamon), helps adult bees to preserve the correct intestinal flora, keeping their digestive system efficient with a consequent benefit for the colony.


Bag of 40g – Box of 10 bags / Bag of 500g – Bag of 1000g


From Spring to late Summer with temperatures possibly higher than 10° C, without super.

  • 100% studies with positive results against the nosema
  • + 25% increase in the population of the hive
  • > N ° 20 countries where it is used

Recommended use by trickling:

mix 4 g of ApiHerb in 50 ml of sugar syrup. Trickle 50 ml of this suspension directly above the frames. Repeat at least 3 times weekly.

Alternative use with a feeder:

stir 10 g of ApiHerb in 1lt of sugar syrup. Administer about 1,5lt of this suspension per hive.


Prepare the suspension 12 hours before use by storing it in a cool and dark place, until the time of administration. Use it no later than 48 hours.

This study proves that Apiherb has a positive effect on the development of bee population. The families treated had an average 25% increase corresponding to almost a frame of bees (around 3000 bees) more than in the un treated group.

The studies prove the effectiveness of ApiHerb to improve the health of the bee guts.

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