Complementary feed developed to integrate the amino acid, vitamin and mineral needs of the colony.

Superbee offers an important nutritional contribution for the development of the colony, especially in cases of low import of pollen and / or import of pollen with low nutritional value. A correct and balanced vitamin and mineral protein intake is essential for the development of the colony and the rearing of the larval stages.


500g – 1kg bottle / 5kg can


From Spring to late Summer with temperatures possibly higher than 10° C, without super.


  • Spring to stimulate colonies early in Spring and before main floral blooms;
  • to boost queen laying;
  • to boost nucs and strengthen new colonies;
  • to suplement feeding during bad weather and breaks in natural food availability;
  • ideal for preparing new swarms, package of bees, nucs and as feed supplement for queen rearing.
  • High palatability of the liquid formulation;
  • Contains all the amino acids and vitamins essential for the development of the colony;
  • Easily miscible and therefore usable with any kind of syrup;
  • GMO FREE protein and vitamin components.

Dilute 10 ml of SUPERBEE in 1 liter of sugar syrup, administer to the colony within 24 hours of preparation. Give a quantity of the preparation that can be consumed within a week by the bees.

WE RECOMMEND THE USE OF FEEDERS WITH A DROP SYSTEM. With pocket feeders be sure to associate anti drowning devices.

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