Trap for Asian Hornet

A simple, effective and selective trap.
  • Quick and easy to set up;
  • Powerful bait for Asian Hornet, completely natural;
  • The yellow color of the container is known to attract the Asian Hornet;
  • The lid has two entrances, both equipped with a cover that concentrates and directs smell, shelters from ambient light, and prevents the wasps from escaping;
  • The trap is easily positioned with a hook included in the package.

Preparation of the solution:

Mix the following ingredients in the bowl and shake:

10 ml of attractive liquid;
50 grams of sugar;
200 ml of water.

Vespacatch trappola vespa velutina

Trap location:
The trap can be hung on a branch of a tree or on another support. It should be positioned so that the wasps can easily access. Use an average of two traps for every five hives to ensure optimal protection. Empty the contents of the trap when it is full of wasps or at least three weeks after installation and reload it with a new attractive solution.


Make sure to position the cover so that the two entrances are aligned with the entrance of the cover. When filling the trap, be sure not to spill the attractive solution on the lid.

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